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Most of People Prefer Online. But, young Generation,Business class, senior citizen,Housewife etc read News Paper everyday. Branding can not make without News paper Ads.We advertise in all Regional and National News Paper . It includes Classified, Display,Government Ads,Tender Ads, Recruitment, Education and Branding Ads.

These Newspapers are:

1.The Times of India
2.Economic Times
3.Maharashtra Times

6.Dainik Jagran
7.Hindustan Times
9.Gujrat Samachar
10.other News paper Ads


Now days Television influences to understand the facts regarding what is going on global Market . But,Public trust only those Channels, which have Truthness regarding News. If Tv channels work as Paid Media.then there is a chance to decrease The TRP.
Every Organisation should understand the TRP of Particular channels. . Top Managements decide Tv Advertisements on the basis of TRP. Tv Ads makes Brand Hambering on thoughts of Customers.
Telivisions educate & emotionally build the Brand like Tata Salt, Lifeboy ,Lux etc. through airing Ads on Tvs. Television Ads includes latest Ads, Funny Ads, Animation Ads,Indian Ads, International Ads & Creative Ads etc.

These Channels are:

1.Star Plus
3.Z24 TaaS

4.Sham Tv
5.Zee Entertainment

6.ABP News
7.ABP Maza etc


Radio is the source of common People to enquire the Current News,songs & Politics.Most of Rural People have Radio for gaining the Knowledge Through BBC News . Because,Every People are connected emotionally with different programm on Radio like BBC News etc.

These Radio Ads are:

1. Radio City 91.1 FM
2.Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

3.RED 93.5 FM
4. Radio one 94.3 FM


Outdoor Advertising has the power to remember a Particular Brand. Every body travel atleast in same city. The Eyes and Ears are the source of Outdoor Advertising. People see a lots of Ads on Hoarding ,Bus Panel,Billboards,Banners in city. It should be on High Visiblity & crowd Area.

We are providing these types of Outdoor Advertising :

1.Hoarding Ads
2.Bus Panel Ads
3.Bus Shelter Ads

4.Biil Board Ads
5.Balloon Ads
6.Auto Rickshaw Ad

7.Railway Ads
8.Others Ads


Printing sevices involves to make design,Logo etc. Printing comes up with Corporate Brochure.Pamplets,Letterhead, Visiting cards, which are following.

Most of Company requires Corporate Brochure. because, Client wants in hand something as printed. So,they can read,see the Designs ,features of Products & services. Threre is no need for search everything online. That is Preferences of Customers. Some category like Real state,Hotel,Resort, Holiday Package,Furniture, Kitchen Trolley,Educational Institute.Beautiful designs,Papers with different types of Products & services build up Brand in the Cusomers mind.
We do the Printing on different projects likes Hoardings,Banners,Adpoles etc. Creativity Printing involves to increase the visibility of Prospects.
Our Company provides the Printing services like Letterhead,Visiting cards. Logo builds Brand image in Market. It reflects to company identity

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